Ahead of the HLF-funded Colne Commemorates… 1918 event on Saturday, 23rd June, the Town Council has put out a call to all those who are interested in learning more about their town.

Event Co-ordinator, Eleanor Jolley, said: “If you are interested in history and have a few hours to spare, then we’d like to hear from you. As part of the Colne Commemorates…1918 Project, the Council plans a series of ‘Blue Plaques’ recording the use of buildings during The Great War.

“The plan is to create a window decal for as many shops and businesses as possible, starting with the central spine of Market Street, Church Street and Albert Road, but also taking in other notable premises. This will give us a snapshot of the life of the town a century ago. People will be able to see instantly which building housed a confectioner, a butcher, or an artificial teeth maker.”

The ‘Blue Plaques’ will be put in place ready for Colne Commemorates, but are designed to remain in place to form a heritage trail throughout the Town.

“When the idea was put to the Colne’s Town Centre Forum, everyone was fascinated to find out what their business had been, including me,” said Cllr Ash Sutcliffe, Head of the Town Council Events Committee.

“We have already had excellent support from the team at Colne Library”, said Ms Jolley. “Their knowledge and expertise is remarkable and means we are already in possession of a great deal of valuable information. What we need now are volunteers to help us complete our research and organise it. Anyone who can access the Library and, preferably has access to a computer, can get involved. We’re hoping this challenge will be of interest to those who want to learning more about Colne and have a few hours to spare, so if you fit the bill, please e-mail: [email protected]

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