Alkincoates Park

Alkincoates Park was originally managed by Pendle Borough Council but in January 2020 the rights to the park were transferred to Colne Town Council. The Town Council will be working to deliver a much-improved appearance in partnership with The Phillip Wright Crown Green Bowling Academy, Friends of Alkincoates Park and Unique Clean, who successfully tendered to deliver the Town Council’s demanding operational requirements for the next three years.

Colne Town Council wants the people of Colne to enjoy their wonderful park and to see it improve and become better used over the next few years. It will take a few months to start to deliver improvement and any feedback on the Park will always be appreciated. The main attractions of the park are the four tennis courts, the bowling greens, the bandstand, the children’s play area, the picnic areas, and the Pavilion Café. Parts of Alkincoates has already had some improvements to make it become better used with CCTV added to the Pavilion Cafe/Bowling Greens, a refurbished playground and a brand new outdoor gym. 

Alkincoates Park Colne

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Play Facilities
There is a playground, which is a dog-free area, and caters for
infants (3-5 years) and juniors (5-14 years).
The playground has facilities for disabled users.

Sports Facilities
The park has two bowling greens and four tennis courts which can be used free of charge.

Picnic Areas
New seating areas have been installed in coordination with the Friends Group to take advantage of the tranquil atmosphere of the park.

The Pavilion Cafe
Serving fresh homemade dishes, cakes, hot & cold sandwiches, drinks, Afternoon Tea and Sunday breakfast. The Cafe is also Wheelchair accessible and welcomes well behaved dogs.

Philip Wright Crown Green Bowling Academy
To introduce new participants, both young and old, from every section of the local community, to the sport of crown green bowling. This is to be done in a way that is supportive, inclusive, encouraging and most of all, fun.

Open Air Bandstand
The open air bandstand at Alkincoates was constructed in 1922 and consisted of a round flat area, the centre of which was walled off by a small wall to create an area for bands to play in.
In January 2020, it was agreed by the members of Colne Town Council that it was necessary to restore the bandstand area.

Disabled Facilities
The playground has facilities for disabled users.
Many of the footpaths are suitable for people with low mobility.
Disabled car parking bays are also available at the Alkincoates Road entrance.

Car Parking
Spaces are available at the Alkincoates Road entrance to the park, including disabled spaces. Over flow parking is available at Holt House Playing Fields on weekdays (Monday – Friday). Racks are available to park bicycles.

Outdoor Gym
Part of the Playground Development Project, Alkincoates Park was given an outdoor gym which includes a spinning bicycle, hydralic chest press and a pendulum & twist. These can be used free of charge.

Take a look around Alkincoates Park

How to find Alkincoates Park

Alkincoates Park
Alkincoats Road

Tel: 01282 861888
Email: [email protected]


If you want to report something about the park or require any further information regarding Alkincoates then please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details above. If you wish to book Alkincoates Park for your event then you will find the booking documents here, alternatively get in touch with us! 


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