Last night, Treasure our Town Councillors linked up with The Pick Up for Pendle Team. We did a “Power Hour” on Craddock Road and noted things that needed improving along the way.

We’ll be writing to companies and organisations that we think could improve their premises.

This is the third time we have walked Craddock Road and two organisations stand out as being deserving of praise – PEARL and Pendle Borough Council. PEARL manages the Hartley Square Buildings and Pendle Borough Council manages Colne’s Bus Station. The Bus Station has been really spruced up, with street furniture and bus shelters freshly painted, while Colne in Bloom has clearly been busy planting! The backs of the Hartley Square buildings and their associated car parks were absolutely pristine.

As we walked, we picked up rubbish. There was some pretty horrid stuff that careless and selfish people had discarded. We filled three sacks of rubbish and also half a container of glass bottles.

Our next Treasure our Town and Pick Up for Pendle meeting is at David Fishwick on Skipton Road at 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 20th June. Anyone is welcome to join us.

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