Crowds of over 5,000 welcomed high speed racing back to Pendle for the Fort Vale Colne Grand Prix, after a three year gap.

Lining the home straight to the finish line for the second to last event of the Men’s National Circuit Series, they cheered on elite British and Continental cyclists.

Reaching speeds of up to 50 mph on one of the fastest circuits in the series, Robert Scott riding for WiV Sungod, from the British Cycling’s Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) team, was first to cross the finish line.

Wiv Sungod’s Jacob Scott came second with Joshua Giddings of British Cycling’s Under 23 squad Team Inspired in third place in an exhilarating race.

Peter Staveley of headline sponsor Fort Vale was there to see the action on Tuesday 26 July.

A keen cyclist who’s watched numerous Colne Grand Prix races he said:

 “It was a fantastic night of cycling and quite a spectacle to see cyclists of this calibre racing here in a packed town centre.

“This is the third time we’ve sponsored the Colne Grand Prix and it was great to be back.

“Cycling is part of our DNA at Fort Vale from the managers to our young apprentices and we share the same ethos as the teams participating here, bringing on young people for the future.”

Riggs Autopack, an engineering company in the Fort Vale Group, sponsored the Sprint for Success race and General Manager Andrew Bishop was there to see the action.

Andrew said:

“It was so good to be part of this event again after a two year gap – seeing the crowds out in force for a fantastic night of racing in Colne!

“There was a great sense of energy and community spirit and it was interesting to see women riding alongside men for the first time – it gave the race a new dynamic.”

The men in the top three for the Riggs Autopack Sprint for Success were Dexter Leeming-Sykes of Wold Top The Edge RT in first place, Isaac Lawrence, Brother UK-Orientation Marketing in second.

 Jack Lucas from Cowling riding for Paceline Cycles North came third and was the best local rider in the race.

The top women cyclists in the Sprint for Success competing for ranking points under the National B classification were Matilda McKibben of Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films who came first.

Lauren Robinson, Moonglu Race Team finished in second place and Gemma Sargent of Saint Piran WRT who came third.

Matilda McKibben from Skipton was best local rider.

Councillor Mary Thomas, Chair of Colne Town Council, the race organisers said:

“I’d like to thank everyone for supporting an adrenaline packed night of racing in our town centre.

“A huge debt of thanks is due our loyal sponsors and to our local community who came out in force and to businesses which stayed open – the town centre was buzzing!

“Also thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the event a big success, including the team from Cycling Development Pendle Partnership led by Len Woffindin and also Pendle Council’s Communications Team who helped to promote the event.

“And last but not least – a huge cheer for the incredible cyclists from local to British and continental riders who make Colne and Pendle one of the cycling capitals of the UK!”

Results from the youth races sponsored by Coalition Facilities Management LtdEvelyn Field of Liverpool Century Cycling Academy came first in the girls’ under 16 race

In first place for the boys under 16s was Joe Watkins-Wilson, with Joseph Cosgrove in second place and Bryn Lawrence third.

For the under 14 girl cyclists Izabel Young of Shibden Cycling Club who came first, Ayesha Vose of Eastlands Velo who came second.

In first for the boys  under 14s was Albie Jones of the North Cheshire Clarion Team with Harry Speak of Clifton CC second and Freddie Winkley of Eastlands Velo in third place.

For the girls under 14s, Izabel Young of Shibden Cycling Club came first with Ayesha Vose of Eastlands Velo in second place.

Image was taken by Larry Hickmott for

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