COLNE Town Council has received £29,600 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the final events in its series on The Great War, Colne Commemorates 1918.


“We are building on the success of our Colne Commemorates 1914 and 1916 events”, said CEO of Colne Town Council, Colin Hill. “Our first event focussed on the outbreak of war, and recruitment and the second focussed on the Battle of the Somme and how the town was bearing up during wartime privations. This one will be different again, commemorating the last 100 days. We are very grateful to the HLF for their guidance and support.”

As in 2016, there will be an outreach project in Colne’s six primary schools using Lancashire County Council’s heritage learning team to help them research local history. However, the bulk of the grant will be spent on a day of commemorative events on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 in Colne Town Centre. The planned events include a parade and a brief memorial service at the town’s War Memorial for midday.

The Town Council’s Events Committee is once again working with the set building team from The Pendle Hippodrome to evoke the Great War both in the air and underground. Re-enactment specialists will guide the public through the foundation of the Royal Air Force and the importance of Lancastrian mining expertise to the country’s war effort. At Colne’s Ambulance Hall will be recreation of a convalescent hospital, of which there were several in Colne at the time, and of a tank depot. At the Little Theatre, period entertainments will be run throughout the afternoon.

Colne’s Camera Club will, once again, recreate a period photographer’s studio and sell sepia print portraits. The Indoor Market will be the hub for children’s craft activities.


Event Co-ordinator, Eleanor Jolley, explained: “A key thing to look out for is our Colne ‘Blue Plaque’ Scheme which will form a trail of Colne buildings explaining what they were used for a century ago. Finally, we have an outstanding artistic surprise for this Event, summing up the impact of WW1 on the whole area. We are extremely grateful to HLF for sharing our vision and helping us to make it happen.”

Colne’s event guide on 23rd June will be a front page compilation of the Colne Times from 1918, with the reverse giving a run-down of all the activities, their locations and timings. In November, the Town Council will host a major exhibition of the acclaimed Colne Commemorates series at the Town Hall.

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