Colne Town Council have the pleasure of confirming that all the work which was scheduled to be done in the play ground development project have now been successfully completed. Alkincoates play ground has had some of the old equipment removed and replaced with brand new equipment and some equipment refurbished to bring them back to life.  King George V play ground had everything completely removed and replaced with brand new equipment which is dynamic for all ages. West Street play ground was renovated and repainted to give a brand new look to the playground with some play graphics adding to the area.  Waterside play ground has been extended to give more room for everyone to enjoy, we had some brand new equipment added to Waterside and some of the old equipment had been refurbished and relocated to take advantage of the extra space.

The play ground which was located at the bottom of Exchange Street has now been closed permanently and some of the equipment has been moved to our new Waterside play ground. The work done at these sites have given a fresh look to Colne and we can now let everyone enjoy them as all works have now been completed, these play grounds will be opened from Friday morning on the 18th December 2020 and we cannot wait for everyone to see how amazing they look.

With the global pandemic relating to COVID-19 we had to close all playgrounds to prevent people becoming infected or passing on the virus, this gave us the opportunity to get the work done without people missing out on the play grounds in Colne.

Cllr. David Clegg, Chairman of the Playground Development Project said, “The playground project within Colne was to give our play facilities a new lease of life and looking at how fantastic our play grounds look, I think the project has been a massive success!”

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