Moo Moo MeltsWITH a rookie stallholder of just 17 and another of just 20, Colne’s Nursery Market Stall Event on 1st August appears to be attracting the town’s next generation of entrepreneurs. Rebecca Taylor-Shaw persuaded her parents to invest in her Moo Moo Melts business and she is determined to pay them back. “Moo Moo Melts are small wax discs that melt in an oil burner”, she enthused. “They burn for four hours and scent your house with a range of unique fragrances: strawberry, parma violets and even campfire!” Rebecca’s stall will be selling both the melts and the burners.

20 year old Tom Davies will be selling Unique’s multi-purpose cleaner that was developed by his two business partners after years of experience as car valeters and cleaners. Two hundred, mainly commercial, customers use the cleaner and its list of devotees is growing. “It is safe to use on glass and granite and is eco-friendly. As a new company we are really excited by its potential”, said Tom.

A lengthy re-cooperation forced busy mum, Kay Wilkinson, to sit down for three months. A friend sent her some beads to occupy her and the rest is history. “I found an online forum about chainmail and I became hooked. We’re not talking armour, but fine, intricate designs. I work in bright aluminium, two sorts of bronze, silver, stainless steel and a rainbow effect metal called niobium. It is, essentially, knitting with metal and is very time consuming, because each jump ring must close properly in order not to catch on things or nip the skin.”

Liesa GriffinJewellery enthusiast and carer, Liesa Griffin. began making jewellery for herself as a hobby, but got so many compliments she taught herself more techniques from YouTube so she could capture different moods and styles. “I make ethnic style pieces, fun, holiday stuff and some rather elegant costume jewellery featuring pearls and semi-precious stones. As a disabled person, I spend many hours doing this, working with green onyx, agate, quartzite and Ethiopian opal. My earrings come in 925 silver, as well as gold and silver plate.”

Colne’s meals-on-wheels supremo, Barbara Taylor, promises something for everyone’s price range next Saturday. “Family favourites are what I specialise in and so there’ll be corned beef and potato pasties, meat and onion pies as well as steak pies. For those with a sweet tooth I’ll also be baking scones, rock buns, raspberry buns and cupcakes. Stanbury Cottage provides 60 dinners a day and we’ve been going 28 years”

Stanbury Cottage WinsLisa Wright forms part of a Colne trading family with hubbie Shaun who has the Picturepainterman stall in the market and daughter, Anne, proprietor of Funky Gifts. Lisa has a small display in her daughter’s shop and also sells her jewellery at local craft fairs. “My handmade, bespoke pieces are very varied, featuring silver Tibetan charms, wire wrapping and glass fusing. I have always liked crafts and started off with paper crafting before moving on to beads and then crystals.”

People interested in booking a stall for future Nursery Stall Events (15th August, 5th September, 31st October) should contact Colne’s Town Clerk, Susan Graham: 01282 861888 or [email protected]. She will need to know what you are selling, receive all your contact details and also the £15 cost in full before the booking is firm.

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