COLNE Town Council Events Committee not content with staging the most successful competition in the history of the town, has now announced a Cake Baking Competition. Its Egg Painting Competition for Children has already attracted over a thousand entries within a week of being announced. The prizes for both competitions are to be announced and presented on 4th April, which is Easter Saturday and also the day chosen for a host of traditional Easter celebrations under the umbrella, A Colne Easter.

Events Committee Chairman, Cllr. Sarah Cockburn-Price said: “We have been blown away by the popularity of our Egg Painting competition, with the children’s entries to be staged on Easter Trees in the Library on Maundy Thursday. Now we hope to attract the town’s bakers too. There are six categories: Best Commercial Entry, Most Tasty, Most Seasonal, Most Spectacular Decoration (this is the one category which doesn’t have to be a real cake), Best Young Person’s Cake under 16 and Best Child’s Cake under 12.”

There are a range of prizes sourced from Glamourice in Colne Market and prize winners will be allowed to choose from a selection of baking accessories. In addition to First Prize in each category, there will also be a Highly Commended prize. The amateur adult Prize Winners will receive goods worth at least £25, with £10 worth of goods for Highly Commended. First prize in the Child and Young Person categories will be at least £10 worth of goods with £5 worth of goods for Highly Commended. Entrants to the Commercial Prize will get the opportunity to compete for a trophy, along with the attendant publicity winning this prize will attract.

As well as the Egg Painting Competition and the Cake Baking Competition, Colne’s Easter Saturday celebration includes an Easter Egg Hunt throughout the town, children’s crafts in The Market, donkey and children’s rides in The Precinct, folk music and dance performances throughout the day, as well as a host of surprises. Watch out for The Easter Bunny, who might well be making an appearance! Colne’s churches are also contributing, with hymn singing outside The Market at 11 a.m. with hot cross buns. The Glass House will host “a journey through Holy Week” taking in Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday before flowers and an Easter Garden denote the Resurrection.

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