All the market stalls 2Our Colne Valentine’s Day Nursery Markets was our best ever! We had stalls selling: retro sweets, Asian treats, gorgeous dress jewellery, cupcakes that are works of art, deals on tyres (plus freebie giveaways) and prizewinning cakes and preserves.

Our stallholders were making sales before 9 a.m. when they were still unloading! Clearly, the word is out and we are gratified that some shoppers are coming to Colne from surrounding towns especially! Farah, who sells Asian treats and has become something of a fixture at our Nursery Markets, even took a number of advance orders from regular customers. She thought she was well prepared, but in fact, she ran out of stock shortly after lunchtime and had to call on her family to replenish her stall. New stallholder, Strawberry Jam, also had a good day’s trade and have now booked pitches in all three of this year’s Food Festivals. We have had several messages of thanks and support for our efforts on our Facebook page and that makes all our hard work erecting and de-assembling the stalls worthwhile.

Jackie Stansfield 2 Strawberry Jam Lynn Jervis stall

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