Colne Town Council Helps Mount Colne’s Remembrance

ALTHOUGH Colne’s Legion Club on Keighley Road is thriving, over the years, the numbers who are also members of the British Legion in the town has dwindled.

Sqn Ldr Bob Ellis (retd), a local British Legion representative, approached the Events Committee of Colne Town Council to see if it could help meet some of the costs.

Cty Cllr Dorothy Lord explained: “We were delighted to be able to help. After all, Colne’s Act of Remembrance is for the whole town, not just members of The British Legion. We agreed to meet the costs of the band, which was Earby Brass Band this year, and the buffet at Colne Legion. We knew our decision was the right one when we saw that the strength of support in the town in this centenary year since Armistice was stronger than ever.”

Now the Events Committee has pledged to continue supporting this pivotal event in Colne’s cultural calendar in future years.

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