With Chairman Tom absent, his deputy, Ade, ably stepped into the role for today’s CJC at Colne Town Hall.  Business from the agenda was swiftly dealt with in a meeting which lasted just over an hour.  After welcomes, a resume of what each school had achieved in the interim was cantered through.

First up, was the choice of a logo for CJC.  These youngsters could teach their adult counterparts a thing of two, as five designs were rejected on one vote, bringing the total down to three in moments.  Two more rounds of voting saw the favoured design chosen.

Then, all councillors and schools committed to take part in some of the Colne Town Council Treasure Our Town sessions that have been arranged in conjunction with Pick Up for Pendle.

Next, came another round of voting, this time for the best anti-litter posters, as each school had submitted several different designs for display on Colne’s electronic totems and in playgrounds.  The junior councillors placed their name cards on their favourite designs and, in a blink of an eye, the five best were selected.

Colne Town Council reported to the Junior Council that it has created a page on its website about CJC and that this page should be live soon.

Mr Peers (Christ Church Headteacher) told everyone that an application will be made to see if CJC can visit Parliament in June.  Cllr Cockburn-Price advised that applications for grant funding should be made to Colne and District Committee of Pendle Council and also to Colne Town Council, once the amounts for the various projects had been worked out.  She advised of tight deadlines and additional collaborative meetings were arranged.

It was agreed that CJC will discuss at its next meeting on 26th April:

  1. The Treasure Our Town sessions they have participated in.
  2. Review Colne Town Council’s use of the CJC posters and ascertain whether they have been effective.
  3. Invite PC Tom Schofield (Colne and West Craven Neighbourhood Police) to feedback on the results of his focus on local schools at the beginning and end of the school day.
  4. Town Clerk, Miss Gina Langley, will be asked to give an update on SPID (speed indicator devices) locations near schools.
  5. Hold a discussion on how Colne can become more environmentally friendly.
  6. Debate whether other local schools should join CJC next academic year.  It was noted that Junior Councillors could make a presentation to be shared with other schools on the work of the CJC and its achievements to date.
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