79712664876760.9drjacP5oG92NNK3kICk_height640Colne Town Council has been so delighted with the success of Food Festivals held in the town in recent years, that this year, it has decided to host an unprecedented three!

The dates are:

  • As part of our Easter Celebration on Easter Saturday, 26th March,
  • As part of our Summer World Music and Food Festival on 16th July
  • As part of our Christmas in Colne Festive Event on 26th November

We are currently setting up a facility to book and pay Colne Town Council for stalls online via this web site. The price structure is as follows:

  • One 3m x 3m stall for one of the Festivals: £60
  • Two stalls for two of the Festivals: £110
  • Three stalls for all three Festivals: £150

In addition, those booking three stalls are entitled to a free stall at one of our regular Saturday Nursery Markets. There is a £40 supplement for all stalls requiring an electricity supply.

No booking will be complete without copies of public liability insurance certificates and, where applicable, copies of hygiene certificates. In addition, no bookings will be considered firm until the full cost of the stalls has been received by the Town Council.

Please contact our Clerk (01282 861888) if you would like a gazebo as soon as possible, as we have a limited number available.

No more than two stalls selling a similar offering will be allowed to book for any one Festival.

All three Food Festivals in 2016 will be promoted heavily and will have masses of day-long entertainment booked to support them. If you’d like to perform at one, or all of the Festivals, please get in touch with our Clerk. Please follow the Colne Town Council and the Colne Food Festival Facebook pages, as well as our @ColneTown Twitter feed for more information. You can also see more on the Festivals here (Spring), here (Summer) and here (Winter).

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