Amy Rose DuoCLLR. ASH Sutcliffe, Chairman of Colne Town Council’s Events Committee, has put out a call for performers who want to showcase their talents on 7th September, which is the date for Stage Two of the Tour of Britain, which finishes in Colne.

“We’ve discovered that buskers in Colne do not need a licence. We are hiring some performers for the day, but we’d like to encourage gifted amateurs who perhaps practice card tricks on their relatives, or those with undiscovered musical talent, to come forward. We anticipate the town being absolutely packed on 7th, so this could be a real opportunity for those that feel they are ready to step into the limelight.”

Would-be entertainers and performers should get in contact with Colne Town Council’s Clerk, who is based in the Town Hall, by either visiting her, e-mailing: [email protected] or telephoning: 01282 841599. Councillors will vet those who apply for a spot on day to ensure both quality and also variety, so that the public enjoy the work of different types of performers.

The deadline for applicants is 1st August.

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