Alkincoates Allotments wins three of the four prizes in the Colne Town Council allotment photo competition this year.

The prize for Best Allotment Photo went to Ben Hewson for his plot on Alkincoates. Members of the public voted on their favourite picture chosen from the 8 finalists selected by the judging panel.  As this year’s ‘Peoples Choice’ prize winner Ben will receive £30 worth of LBS Horticultural vouchers for the Best Allotment Photo.

The prize for the Best Colne Town Allotment Plot went to Linda Nevison. She claims the top prize of £50 in LBS Horticultural vouchers for the work she has done in transforming her Alkincoates plot from what was originally a tangle of weeds and brambles. It is now a very well cared for allotment with an assortment of raised beds, flagged pathways and a wide range of vegetables in cultivation. All the plants are healthy and well cared for and her plot is an inspiration to plot holders looking to transform their own plots.

Winner of the Best New Allotment Plot went to Ben Grice for his Alkincoates Plot. Prior to taking the plot at the end of 2020 it had become overgrown, with a carpet of weeds and brambles. Ben has quickly brought it back into cultivation.

Cllr. Alice Mann, Chairman of the Allotments Committee said, “When Ben first got the plot it was in a very poor condition, overgrown and covered in weeds. It was clear from the photos the amount of work Ben had put into the plot to bring it up to its current very high standard and is a brilliant example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication”.

Winners of Best Young Gardener when to Emma and Tom Mitchell who will receive £15 each in LBS Horticultural Vouches. Their photo showed them hard at work, digging over their grandad’s plot on the High Garth Allotment site.

Colne Town Council manages over 140 allotments around Colne on 21 sites. The Allotments have proved a great asset to many people during lockdown. Colne’s aspiring allotment community has been swelled with increasing number joining the waiting lists for most sites, but don’t let that put you off applying as waiting lists help the Council assess how many allotments are needed.

If you are interested in an Allotment plot, please contact Colne Town Council’s Allotment Officer, Eugene Dennison on 01282 332037 or email [email protected].

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