Colne must grow if young people, like Brooke, are to be able to live in their home town when they grow up and have families of their own.

The way Colne grows is so important, as it will change the town for ever – for better or worse.  Pendle Council has set Colne a proportion of its overall Housing Target and we must find space for about an additional 300-400 homes on top of those that already have planning permission, but are not yet built, to take us up to the end of the Plan period in 2030.

We decided that we would prefer the town to grow organically and within the settlement boundary.  None of the sites we have identified are that big – we didn’t want large, soulless housing estates gobbling up the countryside with no relationship to the town itself.  We have identified 28 potential building sites right across the town via Pendle Council’s SHLAA and following our own Call For Sites last year, as well as following brainstorming with locals.

We then carried out a formal scoring exercise, taking into account numerous criteria and we included only those sites that scored highest.

Policy 6 of our Draft Plan lists these sites. Take a look, using the Draft Plan button.

These sites would provide land for an estimated 705 new homes (703 on Brownfield Land) based on an average density of 30 dwellings per hectare (ha.). On some sites, densities will be higher e.g. sites where conversion is more suitable, such as CNDP6/5.  We don’t expect that all these sites will come forward over the next decade.

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