Many of you will recognise Freeman of Colne, Geoff Crambie, in our poster for this topic.  He’s a man who has devoted decades to Historic Colne.  We are pleased he has had input into our Local List Designation.  We have added dozens of new buildings, structures and areas since our Informal Consultation, thanks to all the feedback we received.

Policies 4 and 5 of our Draft Plan deal with the Heritage of Colne and what we would like to do to preserve Bonnie Colne-on-the-Hill.  Please take a look at them.

You can also look at our Local List too.  A great deal of work has gone into creating this document and if you review it you can see just how much of our heritage we have hung onto – some of it is fascinating, intriguing and compelling.
Geoff is pointing at the last standing section of Colne’s Georgian former Piece Hall which was pulled down by the then council in 1953.  We don’t want this kind of thing to ever happen again!

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